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John La Nauze was one of Australia's most important historians and the leading authority on the history of Federation and the Constitution. No Ordinary Act is a collection of his published papers on this subject. With the centenary of Federation, there is a strong and growing impulse for study and debate on the Australian Constitution. No ordinary act: essays on federation and the constitution. [J A La Nauze; Stuart Macintyre; Helen Irving] -- A collection of papers on the history of Australia's Federation and Constitution, written by one of Australia's most important historians.

Book Review: J.A. La Nauze, No Ordinary Act: Essays on Federation and the Constitution, edited by Helen Irving and Stuart Macintyre Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 2001, 20 2 pp., $35.00, ISBN 052 2 848060. J. A. La Nauze, No Ordinary Act: Essays on Federation and the Constitution, edited by Helen Irving and Stuart Macintyre, Melbourne University Press, 2001 Geoffrey Lindell and Robert Bennett eds Parliament: The Vision in Hindsight, Federation Press, 2001. No ordinary act: essays on federation and the constitution / by J.A. La Nauze; edited by Helen Irving. The Australian constitution: a documentary history / John M. Williams The great constitutional swindle: a citizen's view of the Australian Constitution / Peter Botsman. ‘Introduction’, Helen Irving and Stuart Macintyre eds, No Ordinary Act: J. A La Nauze on Federation and the Constitution, Melbourne University Press, 2001, 1-23 'Framers of the Constitution', in T. Blackshield, M. Coper, and G. Williams eds, The Oxford Companion to the High Court of Australia, Oxford University Press, 2001, 284-286.

Introduction - No Ordinary Act: Essays on Federation and the Constitution by J.A. La Nauze. In H Irving & S Macintyre Eds., \i No Ordinary Act: Essays on Federation and the Constitution by J.A. La Nauze. 2 La Nauze, ‘Who are the Fathers?’ [1968] reproduced in H. Irving and S. Macintyre eds , J. A. La Nauze. No Ordinary Act: Essays on Federation and the Constitution, Melbourne University Press, 2001 3 Ibid, p. 87. 4 Reynolds, Edmund Barton, Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1948. 5 1967; 1 st Penguin edition 1971, pp. 1144.

As orig- inally enacted, the Constitution even omitted people of the Aboriginal race from the powers of the Federal Parliament to make special laws with respect to the people of any race.'' That exclusion was repealed after the passage of the Constitution Alteration Aboriginals Act 1967.". La Nauze, No Ordinary Act: Essays on Federation and the Constitution Melbourne University Press, 2001, 173; and Zelman Cowan, „Is it not time‟? The National Australasian Convention of 1891‟, in Patricia Clarke ed Steps to Federation: Lectures Marking the Centenary of Federation Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2001, 26. 125, 126; J A La Nauze, The Making of the Australian Constitution 1972 13, 24–6, 81, 278; J A La Nauze, ‘Who Are the Fathers?’ in Helen Irving and Stuart Macintyre eds, No Ordinary Act: Essays on Federation and the Constitution by J A La Nauze 2001 86, 89–90; F M Neasey.

5 J.A. La Nauze, ‗The Hopetoun Blunder‘ in Helen Irving & Stuart Macintyre eds No Ordinary Act: Essays on Federation and the Constitution. Melbourne, MUP, 2001, pp. 36–81. 6 Barton to Downer, 12 September 1909, NAA/M1002/281. La Nauze, TheMakingoftheAustralian Constitution, Melbourne University Press, Carlton, Vic.,l972. Quoted in J. A. La Nauze, 'Who are the fathers?' Historical Studies, voll3, no. 51, 1968, p. 345. the economy on the metropolitan area by building an artificial harbour at. La Nauze papers National Library of Australia private information; H. Irving and S. Macintyre, 'Introduction', in J. A. La Nauze, No Ordinary Act, 2001; Historical Studies, vol 17, no 67, 1976, p 132; Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, Annual Report, 1990, p 73. ON FEDERATION Tenterfield Oration – 24 October 1889 Crimson Thread speech – 6 February 1890. J.A. La Nauze 1968. Reprinted in Irving and MacIntyre 2001 No Ordinary Act. Various speeches delivered in 1889 & 1890 & published by Henry Parkes in 1890 from the transcripts of newspaper reports. Original transcript of Parkes Tenterfield.

Five Things to Know About the Australian Constitution by.

The Cambridge History of Australia offers a comprehensive view of Australian history from its pre-European origins to the present day. Over two volumes, this major work of reference tells the nation's social, political and cultural story. Volume 1 examines Australia's indigenous and colonial history through to the Federation of the colonies in. Federalism was adopted, as a constitutional principle, in Australia on 1 January 1901 – the date upon which the six self-governing Australian Colonies of New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia federated, formally constituting the Commonwealth of Australia.It remains a federation of those six "original States" under the Constitution of Australia. 7 Mabo v Queensland [No 2] 1992 175 CLR 1 at 66 and Clark S, “The River Murray Question: Part I – Colonial Days” 1971 8 MULR 11. 8 La Nauze J A, The Making of the Australian Constitution Melbourne University Press, 1972 p 153. For a detailed exposition of the substance of the Conventional Debates on this issue see: Clark S. In his history of the convention, J.A. La Nauze points out that, by this stage, the delegates “had had enough”, but muses: it may one day interest a curious lawyer to inquire whether judicial review has lingered with significant consequences on new words approved on trust and intendedmerely ‘to put the wishes of the convention in.

Section 116 of the Constitution of Australia precludes the Commonwealth of Australia i.e., the federal parliament from making laws for establishing any religion, imposing any religious observance, or prohibiting the free exercise of any religion.Section 116 also provides that no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth. J. A. La Nauze, author of Alfred Deakin: a biography, on LibraryThing. This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising.

The fact that Inglis Clark modelled his on the American Constitution is no surprise once that basic decision was made. and adaptations of the British North America Act of 1867 and 1871 as well as the United States Constitution. Obviously the temptation to review. J.A. La Nauze, The Making of the Australian Constitution, Melbourne. Draft of the proposed 'Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act' as adopted by the Australasian Federal Convention, at Melbourne, on 16 March 1898 [Adelaide: C.E. Bristow, n.d.] no. 10. J. A. La Nauze, The Making of the Australian Constitution, Melbourne University Press 1972; Vizard, Steve, Two Weeks in Lilliput: Bear Baiting and Backbiting At the Constitutional Convention Penguin, 1998, ISBN 0-14-027983-0 External links. Records of the Australasian Federal Conventions of the 1890s. In addition to these six states, there now exist two territories: the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territories. For helpful material on the history of the making of the Australian Commonwealth constitution, see J. A. La Nauze, The Making of the Australian Constitution 1972, J..

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