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ISBN: 0522846718 9780522846713: OCLC Number: 35362169: Notes: "Published in conjunction with the State Library of Victoria"--Title page verso. Description. Jul 21, 2016 · How early picture postcards were the Edwardian equivalent of Instagram. 1/4. Postcard entitled "3435 Un dirigeable militaire", also marked on reverse with logo of.

Edwardian Melbourne in picture postcards Alexandra Bertram and Angus Trumble (Miegunyah Press series, 2nd ser., no. 8) Miegunyah Press, 1995. Postcards from the edge have never looked so, well, personal, and these full color postcards are picture perfect. Offered in an assortment of themes and designs, you'll find postcards that send just the right messages with out-of-the-ordinary illustrations, vintage looks, cities, exotic locales and more.

Collection 8 Postcards Edwardian Theatre Actress Male Impersonator Vesta Tilley. EDWARDIAN ACTRESS - MRS VERNON CASTLE - PICTURE PLAYER REAL PHOTO POSTCARD. £1.50. Click & Collect. £1.10 postage. Results pagination - page 1. Make offer - Edwardian Actress Miss Marie Studholme Ducal Series 1912 Christmas Postcard. Edwardian Actress Miss. Sep 25, 2015 · The cards were a great way to send a picture of a landmark or scene to someone but that was pretty much it. In 1902, the post office granted permission to printers to produce the split-back postcard that is what exists to this day – one half of the card could be used for a message and the other was to be used for the address. No doubt professional photographers would choose early morning on a Sunday to take a picture in a city centre. In which case three policemen seems rather a lot, even outside the Bank of England. _____ London 5 Aug 1909 3.15 pm. The first automobile to appear on one of these postcards and it is travelling so fast it is slightly blurred. Photo Postcards measure about 13.8 x 8.8cm some variation within a cm they were first used as a postal card in the UK about 1898, few will be that early! With the carte-de-visite and cabinet cards gradually going out of popularity after 1900, this new format fitted the need well.

Florida, FL, Melbourne, postcards. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates and coupons. Postcards were a useful way to publicize actresses and actors, but far fewer for some reason in the early 20th Century. Hundreds of thousands were produced - here are just a few. Where we have found more information on the internet, there is a link beneath the image. Where we have no information, we would be grateful if you can supply some. Divided Back Era 1907 - 1914: Postcards with a divided back, allowing for writing on the address side, were allowed in March of 1907. The postcard collecting hobby flourished during this time. In an age without radio or television, picture postcards offered an inexpensive and accessible view of the world.

Edwardian Melbourne in Picture Postcards (Miegunyah Press Series, 2nd Ser., No. 8) Alexandra Bertram

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